This week we're introducing you to the woman behind most of our displays - Edele!

Department: Garden Centre
Years working here: Over 5

Have you always worked in the garden Centre?
Mostly, but I move around, you have to be flexible so I work in a lot of departments really!

Have you seen the shop expand over the years?
Yes when I started the electrical department was considerably smaller but it’s expanded now, and it’s getting much bigger! The garden centre is getting much bigger as well so, that’s gunna be fun! Much more room to play around with!

Have you had an input in the ideas behind the new garden centre and helping it come to life?
Yes they’re very open to all of our opinions, or the way we think about how it should be placed out, ‘cause we’re on the shop floor so all of our ideas are taken on board!

Have you any funny stories from working here?
Well a couple of years ago for our Christmas Party there was flash flooding at the time and we went out in Ballinrobe, and we barely made it to the restaurant! I stayed at Marys house that night and the next morning all the roads around her house were flooded so we had to cling on to a tractor to get through the floods and somebody on the other side brought us to work! That was really funny!

What is your favourite item in the garden centre?
Well my favourite flower depends on the season! Spring, it would have to be the Peter Pan Plant, because it’s got a fun name and it’s really nice.

Favourite Co-Worker?
Probably Mary, cause I’ve known her the longest!

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