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Welcome to Ireland's number 1 Birdcare Destination

Explore a wide range of birdcare accessories at Bird Care Ireland, your number one supplier for all things bird care.

Enhance Your Garden with Top-Quality Bird Care Essentials - Houses, Food, and Feeders

Elevate your bird care with our range of premium products. Explore our collection of bird houses, nutritious bird food, and efficient feeders. Create a haven for feathered friends in your garden. Shop now!

Transform your outdoor space into a haven for birds with our top-quality bird care essentials. At Keans Claremorris, we offer a range of premium products designed to provide comfort, nourishment, and joy to your feathered friends. Explore our selection of bird houses, nutritious bird food, and efficient feeders to enhance your bird care routine.

Bird Houses, Care for Birds

Give your neighborhood birds a cozy place to call home with our diverse range of bird houses. From classic designs to modern styles, our bird houses are crafted with care to provide shelter and safety for different bird species.

Bird Food and Accessories 

Keep your feathered friends well-fed with our nutritious bird food options. Our selection includes high-quality seeds, blends, and treats to attract a variety of birds to your garden. Ensure they get the essential nutrients they need for a healthy and happy life.


Make bird feeding a breeze with our efficient feeders. Choose from a variety of feeder styles, including hanging, platform, and suet feeders. Our feeders are designed to keep the bird food dry, accessible, and inviting for a diverse range of bird species.

Elevate your bird care routine with Keans Claremorris premium bird houses, nutritious bird food, and efficient feeders. Create a welcoming space for birds to thrive in your garden. Shop now to bring the beauty of nature closer to home.