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Glasshouses & Polytunnels

Looking to grow your own vegetables at home? 

Whether you’re a new gardener or a seasoned grower, you’ll find some compelling reasons to invest in a good glasshouse or polytunnel.

Greenhouses, Glasshouses and Polytunnels

Glasshouses and polytunnels are great for helping extend your growing season, provide protection to sensitive plants and produce an abundance of vegetables, fruits, and flowers and are a great way to stay self-sufficient by growing your own vegetables.

Your glasshouse and polytunnel also offer a predictable environment to grow vegetables and flowers where they may be protected from extreme weather conditions.

At Keans Claremorris, we stock a wide array of polytunnels and Greenhouses in a variety of sizes so you are sure to find the perfect greenhouse for you.  

Wondering where to place your polytunnel or glasshouse? Ideally, you should place your glasshouse or polytunnel in an area that has at least six to eight hours of direct sunlight to allow all your plants adequate time to make food to grow.

Glasshouses and polytunnels from Keans are delivered flat packed and will require assembly. If you would like help installing your greenhouse, be sure to include that in your order.

What is the difference between "Strong" and "Sigma" Greenhouses?

The primary distinction between these two greenhouses lies in their frame designs. The "Strong" greenhouse features a profile-type frame with an internal supporting structure, specifically designed for the addition of shelves and hanging baskets. On the other hand, the "Sigma" greenhouse is equipped with a tube-type frame measuring 20mm x 40mm, devoid of an internal supporting frame, providing an unobstructed space within. Optionally, galvanized steel shelves can be added for the Sigma model. Additionally, the "Sigma" greenhouse has slightly wider doors and windows. Despite these variations, both models exhibit equal strength.

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