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Samsung Watch 6 40MM BT Graphite

Samsung Watch 6 40MM BT Graphite
Samsung Watch 6 40MM BT Graphite
Samsung Watch 6 40MM BT Graphite
Samsung Watch 6 40MM BT Graphite
Samsung Watch 6 40MM BT Graphite

Samsung Watch 6 40MM BT Graphite

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Samsung Watch 6 40MM BT Graphite
Out Of Stock
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Today, the idea of being healthy doesn’t end at physical fitness. Mental and emotional wellbeing are equally as important. And because we’re all different, that daily balance of activity and wellness can change from person to person. Meaning we each need to find the routines that work best for us. For some that might look more active, for others it might look more restful. But finding that personal balance is key.

That’s why Samsung has developed the Galaxy Watch6 series - designed to help people track and improve their everyday wellness. Meaning everyone, not just athletes, have the right tools and insights to continue to feel their best. So anyone can find their right routine, and the right balance.

The journey to better wellness begins with Galaxy Watch.


  • Sleep - Better nights lead to better days with advanced sleep tools
  • Everyday wellness - Packed with features to help improve your wellbeing
  • Works seamlessly with your Galaxy phone - Sync with your phone for a truly connected experience, Requires Samsung Galaxy smartphone with Android 10 or above
  • Battery & performance - Be always on with a long lasting battery and smooth performance
  • Bigger screen (Watch6 larger screen) - See everything clearly with the largest screen on a Galaxy watch


Position the Galaxy Watch as the ultimate Everyday Wellness Enabler.

They want a watch that can track and set targets, but also reflect their taste and identity.


Willing to track fitness/workout such as cardio/stretching exercises and record daily activities.

  • Profiles: Female/Male in 20s-30s
  • Key interest: Health & wellness tracking and Health monitoring features



Experience better nights and better days with Watch6.

  • Sleep analysis: Want to know how well you sleep? Watch6 gives detailed insights of your sleep activity, monitoring everything from time spent in different sleep stages to snoring - and even your blood oxygen levels
  • Sleep coaching: You’ve got the analysis, now see the results. After scoring your sleep quality, Watch6 sets daily routines and goals to help
  • you achieve a more restful night . For extra comfort while you sleep, a fabric strap is available


Make the most of every second with our most powerful and stylish Samsung Galaxy Watch yet.

  • Everything on display: See more of your workout, messages, and more. Watch6 have the largest screens on a Samsung Galaxy watch yet, so it’s easier to see everything at a glance
  • Do more, charge less: Keep on track all day and night with a long lasting battery, plus with Fast Wireless Charging your watch will be back to 100% in no time
  • Store it all: Your go-to apps, tunes and podcasts are always at hand, thanks to 16GB of storage
  • Packed with power: Need a smartwatch that can keep up with you? Watch6 features our fastest watch processor yet - making accessing content smooth and fast. While 2GB of memory means moving between apps is a breeze


Get all the tools for a more balanced you with Watch6.

  • Monitor your wellbeing: Stay on top of overall wellness. Watch6 checks your heart rate, measures stress levels, helps you set goals for activity and water intake, and will even take time out with you to meditate
  • Check your heart: Keep an eye on your cardio health by monitoring your heart rate. And if you’re working out, personal Heart Rate Zones will help you get the best from your session
  • Watch your pressure: Stay on top of your blood pressure throughout the day, and get heart rhythm readings with the built-in ECG. Plus, boost your performance by tracking your blood oxygen levels
  • Know your periods: Keep track of your period from the convenience of your wrist with Watch6. It checks your skin temperature while you sleep, taking the guesswork out of predicting your periods and fertility windows
  • Measure up: Reach your personal fitness goals by measuring your body composition - everything from body fat to muscle density. You can even keep track of all your progress to help you stay motivated


With Galaxy Watch6 your day just became much easier.

  • Perfect pairing: Seamlessly connect to your Galaxy smartphone and enjoy the convenience of all your essential apps all on your wrist
  • Go hands free: Off for a run? Keep track of notifications or take a call and leave your phone safely in your pocket
  • Payment made easy: Grab a drink and a snack using Samsung Wallet with a single tap of your Watch6
  • All your essentials: So many of your favourite smartphone apps work brilliantly on your Watch6 to keep you connected or entertained, it’ll quickly become an essential accessory
  • Easily found: It’s a relief that if you mislay your Watch6, SmartThings Find will help you track it down, fast

It all just works… seamlessly.

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Standard Shipping €6.99Nationwide Delivery Available
Order before 12pm for same day despatch (Excludes Weekends)
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