Prunus laur. 'Rotundifolia'-CHERRY LAUREL

Prunus laur. 'Rotundifolia'-CHERRY LAUREL

  • €3,99

Supplied in 2 litre pots.

Height: 40-60cm

Spacing : 40cm apart

Hardiness: Fully hardy (newly sown plants need to be protected from frost)

Pruning: October to April

This Versatile hedging plant is a common site around Ireland and is grown for it's hardiness and wind tolerance. Forms a dense evergreen hedge quite rapidly and can be kept trimmed between 140cm to 180cm or let grow on to 300cm +    

We recommend  using shelter net for younger plants in exposed sites and a good quality slow release fertilizer (Four seasons) and compost (John Innes Multipurpose) when planting. 


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