Onion Elista and Karminka Mix

Onion Elista and Karminka Mix

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Onion Elista and Karminka Mix

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An attractive mix of red and brown-skinned onion varieties with usual elliptical shape, ideal for slicing into neat, uniform rings. Onion ‘Elista’ and ‘Karminka’ Mix are early maturing so you can enjoy your first fresh harvests from August through to September. Both varieties with excellent storage potential, once lifted they’ll keep for months maintaining a great flavour and texture. Suitable for all kinds of culinary dishes or for adding a fresh bite to salads and sandwiches.

Height: 45cm (18”). Spread: 15cm (6”).


Sowing Months:Feb to Apr

Harvest Months:Aug to Sep

Ideal:Kitchen Garden


Position in:Full sun