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myFirst Headphones AirWaves Pink | 256-FH8506SA-PK01

myFirst Headphones AirWaves Pink | 256-FH8506SA-PK01


myFirst Headphones AirWaves Pink | 256-FH8506SA-PK01

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myFirst Headphones AirWaves Pink | 256-FH8506SA-PK01
Product Description

myFirst Headphones Airwaves is a safe and comfortable air conduction headphones designed for kids. Elevate your child's listening experience with these wireless, kid-friendly headphones designed for safety and comfort. Explore superior sound with peace of mind!

Providing Your Children with Enjoyable and Safe Listening Experience









Completely Safe, Open-Ear Experience

myFirst Headphone AirWaves prioritize your child's safety with an open-ear design that keeps them aware of their surroundings. The ergonomic build ensures comfort, while non-isolating sound technology allows for enjoyable, yet safe, music and gaming experiences. Ideal for active kids, they offer parents peace of mind during use.

Crystal Clear Sound Quality for Seamless Listening

AirWaves deliver crystal clear sound quality. The precision tuning creates a seamless listening experience, allowing kids to immerse themselves in their favorite tunes, audiobooks, or games. Whether they're in a quiet room or a bustling park, the clarity of sound remains consistently enjoyable. It's an auditory adventure that young ears will love.

Ultra-Lightweight for Travel

Tipping the scales at just 21.5g, Airwaves are designed for effortless portability. Perfect for everything from the school bus to family vacations, these ultra-lightweight headphones are easy to pack and comfortable to wear. The sleek design fits young heads well, ensuring they're a travel-friendly audio companion for kids.

Flexible, Durable, Comfortable

Constructed with high-quality materials, AirWaves offer both flexibility and durability. They can withstand the rough and tumble of child's play while maintaining their shape and function. Bend them, twist them, and watch them bounce back, ready for more musical fun. It's a reliable performance that parents and kids will appreciate.

The myFirst Headphone AirWaves are designed with the safety of young children in mind. With a maximum volume of 85db, these headphones are specifically engineered to ensure that kids won’t be able to turn up the volume to potentially harmful levels.

Sweatproof & IPX5 Water Resistant

Considering the most active of kids, AirWaves are both sweatproof and IPX5 water-resistant. Whether it's a workout at the park, a dance-off, or playtime in the rain, the music doesn't have to stop. Our unique, sweatproof material keeps the headphones functioning perfectly, even in damp conditions. It's worry-free enjoyment for energetic kids.

Play Longer, Charge Less

With a battery designed to endure, kids can play longer and charge less, ensuring the fun doesn’t stop. The efficient energy usage means more time enjoying music, games, and entertainment, and less time waiting for a recharge. Easy to power up and incredibly long-lasting, these headphones are ready for extended playtime. 

Pause & Play with One Tap

Controlling the music is easy! Kids can pause or play their favorite songs with just one tap. There are no complicated buttons or settings to learn, so they can start enjoying their music right away. The simple plus and minus buttons make it easy to control the volume, too. Kids will love being in charge of their own musical journey with these easy-to-use controls.

Sanitary, Easy to Clean

Maintaining hygiene is effortless with our easy-to-clean headphones. Minimize ear infections - a simple wipe is all it takes to keep them fresh and sanitary. Built with materials that resist dirt and grime, they provide a clean listening experience that's perfect for children. Parents will love the convenience, and kids will enjoy a clean, comfortable fit every time.

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Standard Shipping €6.99Nationwide Delivery Available
Order before 12pm for same day despatch (Excludes Weekends)
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