Lettuce Arctic King

Lettuce Arctic King

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Lettuce Arctic King

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A fine lettuce known for its exceptional cold resistance and bred solely for autumn sowings. Lettuce Arctic King is a large lettuce, light green in colour, with tasty, crinkled leaves.

Sowing Info:

Sow seeds thinly in late summer and autumn 6mm (¼in) deep in drills 23-30cm (9-12in) apart. A moist well drained soil which has had plenty of compost during the previous autumn is best. In very hot weather it is best to water the soil before sowing and to make sowings during the early afternoon.

Growing Info:

Thin out gradually to 23-3cm (9-12in) apart.

Aftercare Info:

Harvest when the head feels firm when gently pressed. Harvest in spring (usually May). In cold winter areas cloche protection should be given. Unsuitable for spring and summer sowings.

Flowering Period:

Harvesting Period:


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