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Hedera variegated Ivy

Hedera variegated Ivy
Hedera variegated Ivy

Hedera variegated Ivy

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Hedera variegated Ivy
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Product Description

Hedera Variegated ivy 9cm pot 

English ivy; Common ivy; European ivy

English Ivy Hedera is an evergreen climbing plant that provides you with year round colour in the garden and is very useful for covering unsightly walls or fences. It can also be used indoors as a houseplant in a hanging pot or a trailing plant.

Light Conditions:  Could not be more easygoing when it comes to light. It will cope in almost anything but loves bright, indirect light.

Water: Prefers regular watering, but will tolerate drying out for a short period. 

Temperature & Humidity:  Works in a wide range of temperatures, however prefers a range between 10°c & 18°c

Height & Growth Rate: It’s a fast grower, so don’t be afraid to cut it back if it gets out of control.

Feed: If you want to help it grow, give it a feed with liquid fertiliser once per month in spring and summer.

Origin: Europe

Toxicity: Toxic only if ingested. 


In the wild, it’s a vital source of food to birds and insects. Over 70 species of insect sip nectar from its flowers and many different types of bird feast on its fruit.


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