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Growing Success Glue Band Traps 1.75m

Growing Success Glue Band Traps 1.75m

Growing Success Glue Band Traps 1.75m

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Growing Success Glue Band Traps 1.75m
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Product Description

Growing Success Glue Band Traps forms a barrier to prevent wingless female moths from climbing trees to lay their eggs. Pesticide free and suitable for organic gardening, these traps are easy to set up and use.


  1. Apply in early autumn and keep in place until the following spring.
  2. Re-apply between May and August to protect from ants, earwigs and other crawling insect pests.
  3. The glue band should be placed around the tree trunk below the lowest branch and 50-80cm above the ground.
  4. Where trees are supported by a stake it is vital that the stake is also banded.
  5. Remove any moss or lichen before applying the glue band.
  6. Cut off sufficient to go round the tree trunk with a minimum overlap of 1cm.
  7. Unfold the glue band and wrap it around the tree with the glue side outwards. The glue on the overlap will hold the band in position.
  8. Tie the band top and bottom above and below the glue area.
  9. Do not allow debris to stick to the glue band as this may form a bridge for insects to cross over.