Beetroot Detroit 6 Rubidus

Beetroot Detroit 6 Rubidus

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Beetroot Detroit 6 Rubidus

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Number of Seed in 1 packet:300

Sowing Months:Mar to Jul

Harvest Months:Jun to Oc

tIdeal:Kitchen Garden


Position in:Full sun

Bolting is almost a thing of the past with this excellent globe beetroot! Detroit 6 : Rubidus will be ready to harvest over a week earlier than 'Boltardy', which it supersedes in all respects. Firm, smooth, deep red flesh without a hint of fibre, even when 12.5cm (5in) in diameter. Vigorous, high yields which are synonymous with F1 Hybrids. Height: 30cm (12"). Spread: 15cm (6"). 300 seeds approx.