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What Plants Should I Use For A Winter Planter?

Winter Planter, Silverbush, yellow pansy, Heuchera

It's time to spruce up your garden and get some fresh winter plants to add to your collection. At Keans Claremorris, we have a wide variety of Winter plants available in-store. If you need some inspiration on what to plant this winter season, then we have you covered. James is back and this time he is showing us how to make a perfect Winter planter. You can start from scratch, or you can repurpose your Summer planter. All you need to do is just take away some of the older plants and add some fresh compost.

Items needed:

  • Compost
  • Miracle Gro all-purpose fertilizer
  • Gloves (Optional)
  • Plant Pot
  • Selection of winter plants:
  • James recommends Gaultheria, Pansy, Skimmia Japonica, Hookra, Skimmia Reevesiana,


All items mentioned in the video are available in-store.

Winter Plants

We also stock a range of evergreen plants, which look great all year round. Our top recommendation for evergreen plants would be a Silverbush plant, or you could opt for a Martini plant which has a beautiful ice-pink flower that deepens throughout the summer months. The Skimmia Rubelle is another great option to add to your garden as it keeps its dark red flower buds throughout the winter and flowers in the Spring.

Silverbush, Convolvus cneorum, wintergreen, winter plant
Martini, Leptospermum, winter plant, evergreen






 Image 1: Silverbush (Convolvulus)              Image 2: Martini (Leptospermum)

Skimmia Rubella, winter plant, red buds,
Image 3: Skimmia Rubella


If you are still struggling with your garden this Winter then check out our website to see a great selection of Polytunnels. Polytunnels are a great investment for winter planting as they give you the ability to regulate the temperature during the winter months and they allow you to protect your plants from frost and harsh winds. For more information on the benefits of Polytunnels, you can read our blog post here.

We also have a great selection of garden tools, which you can find here.