Winter Squash Mashed Potato

Winter Squash Mashed Potato

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Winter Squash Mashed Potato

Sowing Months:Apr to May

Flowering Months:Jun to Aug

Harvest Months:Apr to Oct

Ideal:Patio, Kitchen Garden,Greenhouse


AnnualPosition in:Full sun

Height Up To:35cm (14in)Spread Up To:200cm (79in)


A winter Acorn Squash with a wonderful secret! Beneath the dazzling white skins lies a creamy white coloured flesh which looks just like mashed potato when it is baked and fluffed – but at just a fraction of the calories! Squash ‘Mashed Potatoes’ plants are productive and vigorous, producing 4 fruits per plant, each weighing up to 700g. The delicious fruits are high in fibre, and a great source of iron, making a healthier alternative to traditional spuds!

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