• €85,00

Automatic powered soap dispenser with infrared sensor for wall

Suitable for soap and foam soap with pump (NOFER 03038.FP) not

ABS housing white finish. Also available in satin finish (NOFER
03039.S), gloss finish (NOFER 03039.B), black finish (NOFER
03039.N) and other colors.

With content viewer and security lock.

Suitable for public places of high frequency of use.

Led shows that indicates when batteries replaced.

Suitable for alcohol based disinfectants.


Made of ABS white finish.

Electronic infrared sensor that stops the dispenser when the hands are
removed from the detection field.

Capacity: 1000 ml. Refillable.

Works with 6 batteries of 1,5 V.

Dimensions: 275 height x 105 width x 95 depth (mm).

Operation: place your hands under the dispenser. This is activated
automatically, remaining in operation while the hands are inside the
sensor field. The dispenser goes off when you remove your hands.



Automatic powered soap dispenser NOFER with activation by
infrared sensor, made of ABS white finish. To fix to the wall with
content viewer and security lock. Dimensions: 275 height x 105
width x 95 depth (mm).

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