Herb Basil Siam Queen

Herb Basil Siam Queen

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Herb Basil Siam Queen

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Sowing Months:Feb to Apr

Flowering Months:Jul to Aug

Harvest Months:Jul to Aug

Ideal:Patio, Kitchen Garden, Greenhouse


Position in:Full sun

A very fragrant selection and distinct improvement over other Thai Basils. Basil Siam Queen has an extra large leaf size and large plants mean more of that intense liquorice fragrance. The bright green leaves make an attractive foil for the purple-red stems which bear violet-pink flowers. Basil Siam Queen is superb as a container plant on the patio where you can smell its aroma. Excellent for bedding edging and the vegetable or flower garden. Height 20-30cm (8-12in). 100 seeds approx.