Cabbage Advantage Spring F1

Cabbage Advantage Spring F1

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Cabbage Advantage Spring F1

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Cabbage (Spring) Advantage F1 Hybrid

  • An excellent new variety suitable for providing both spring greens or small to medium sized hearted spring cabbage and summer cabbage depending on when you sow it. Cabbage Advantage F1 performs much better than non F1 varieties being more winter hardy and less prone to bursting. From an August sowing will keep well into April.

  • Sow seeds outdoors in a well prepared seed bed in spring for late summer cabbages or summer for spring cabbages. Sow seeds thinly 12mm (½in) deep in rows 23cm (9in) apart. If the soil is dry, water well and allow to drain before sowing.

  • Transplant at the 5-6 leaf stage allowing a minimum of 25x38cm (1x15in) between plants. The soil should be firm and contain plenty of well rotted compost etc., preferably from a previous crop, and should also be well limed. Just before planting, rake i

  • Hoe to remove weeds and break up the soil occasionally and water if the weather is dry. Spring sowings mature in late summer and a summer sowing in early spring as ‘spring greens’, or later as mature cabbages.