We want you to meet our staff! We're very friendly, don't be shy!

Department: Paint

Years working here: 13

Funniest moment: "When Rob decided I needed an early shower, lifted be up, brought be down the yard and threw me in a trough of water!"

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Favourite Paint Colour: The Teals from Dulux

Favourite Co-Worker: "Billy (since he won't stop dancing around right now!) Edele because she's an all-rounder, Clodagh again another all rounder, you can't really single anyone out, we're a great team!"

Are you excited about the new extension?
"Yes, it's going to be so much bigger, a bigger area to display garden furniture which is going to be massive for us, we didn't have that before! Just excited to see the new building and see Keans moving on and taking the next step forward; it's gunna be class!"

Favourite Quote: "If we can do it, we'll get it done!"

Most Rewarding part of your job: "Picking colour schemes out for people and then seeing them come back in showing you pictures of their finished project!"

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(And yes, Mary will sign an autograph for you if you buy a can of paint from her!)