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For this weeks "Meet the Staff" Segment, we're introducing you to Billy!

Department: Electrical

Favourite Quote: “I’ll take your name and number and I’ll ring you back!"

Message for all customers: “Come in and visit our electrical department and maybe buy yourself a TV."

How do you feel about the shop expanding?
“I remember when the electrical department was only half the size it is now, we’re hoping to expand again, we’re hoping to get the electrical pushed more into the main shop, and really take over the place because it’s the best department."

Favourite CoWorker: "Mark because he’s in the electrical section, and we're the best department."

Favourite Movie: “Shaw-shank Redemption.”

Favourite Sandwich:
“Well I don’t explore the sandwich side of things too much but I suppose the chicken salad, you know it's a safe one, quality, standard.“

Who would you like to see next week? Comment below!!
(Some of them will take more convincing than the others!)
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